Thursday, October 14, 2010

how to handle exam stress

How To Handle Exam Stress?

The exam is around the corner. Usually the last week in the student calendar is the most hectic one. Everyday student handle pressure. It is a pain that all student must swallow. For that matter, you should handle your stress properly before you taking your final exam.

Coping With Exam Pressure

Avoid Distractions
Students tend to get distracted easily. During exams, it is essential to not let yourself be distracted by anything as scoring well is exams is the main agenda for the time being. Losing focus can cost your dear, and at the same time, will make your feel all the more anxious, since you attention is being diverted. Prioritize well and leave everything else for later, because right now, exams should be occupying your total attention.

Take Proper Sleep
A lot of students compromise with their sleeping hours to study during the exams. It is not the right strategy, if coping with exam stress is on your mind. Taking proper sleep is important, especially during exams, for maintaining a good retention power. No matter how much your study, if you don’t sleep well, you will struggle to remember even half of what you have studied. Good sleep rejuvenates your minds and reduces stress level as well.

Eat Well
Take a balanced and nutritious diet during your exams, as a rule. Dumping food for exams will not assist you in scoring well. It can only give you that much dreaded adrenaline rush before the exams and pump up your anxiety levels. Have fresh fruits and all the requisite nutrients to retain the sharpness of your brain and perform better in the exams. Half the battle against stress is already won provided you eat well.

Think Positive

A positive mind is a cherished asset at any given point of time and acts as a magic wand during exams. If you think positive, you will never fear exams as you are confident of giving your best. A positive thinker is not stressed even in the most challenging situations. Keep a positive approach and don’t consider exams a phobia. It will help you in tackling exam stress.

Work Hard
While it is more than important to have a positive outlook, it needs to be remembered that only a hard worker can have optimistic thinking. Hard work fosters self-belief and liberates you from stressful thinking. Push yourself to the limit and put in your maximum effort, which is required for succeeding in exams. It is natural to feel strained during exams, because these are testing times. However, a hard worker is convinced of a good performance and therefore, feels less stressed as compared to others.


Friday, October 1, 2010

how to? my files become shortcut

Kebelakangan ni, ade la satu virus/malware yang tuka files dlm removable media, pendrive/thumb drive jadi shortcut.
Mule2 pening gak pk camne nk heal..mule2 thumb drive aku yg kene, then external lak, so pastu la aku btol2 nk heal mende tu coz takot affect kt lappy lak kan?
So after bjaye selamatkn external aku, aku nk tlg korang lak..aku amek guide ni pn from la link2 yg berkaitan ye? Slmt bjaye and jgn gelabah sgt kalau terkene mende ni, semua penyakit ade penawar kecuali kematian..begitu jg dgn ancaman virus :)

Antara tool yg korg leh gune ialah AVG Antivirus, kwn ak yg rekemen..dia ckp leh clean gune AVG aku gune tools lain..try dulu la ye?

First korg leh try check link ni la..sgt bgune
Click here

Link yg bwh ni lak utk unhide hidden folder yg xleh unhidden tu..
Click here

Semoga berjaya :)


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