Wednesday, January 5, 2011

how to? survive KL transportation..the compact guide

Image: this will happen if you ignore my words

This is the short guide, probably the non-official guide by me, who have lots of year of experience using the KL public transportation for tourist & everyone.

Before using KL public transportation u need to prepare DO these:
  • Small change (probably u need at least 1 RM5 note & 3 RM1 notes)
  • Prepare for sardine can like environment at the peak hour.
  • If u have a lot of time, avoid taking the public transportation from 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Get brochure on the customer service desk to avoid going the wrong way. If you want to take the bus, u can just ask anyone around u what bus to take to your destination. (Malaysian are very friendly OK?). After that don't forget to smile & say thanks, it's enough :)
How to surf/go faster?
  • Get Touch'N'Go card. You can avoid long queue + smooth journey through any KL public transportation (YES you can use the card on any KL public transportation but just RAPIDKL).
  • Take note of this, if you are around Bukit Bintang..just take a walk to Hang Tuah Monorel Station because if you go to Imbi or Bukit Bintang Monorel Station, you probably have to wait longer to get a ride.
  • Just walk faster.
  • Line up
  • Let people go out 1st, don't rush to enter
  • Don't ever swear people using your mother language, we are educated race, we understand every single word you've said.
  • This is ISLAMIC COUNTRY. DON'T DO your god forsaken culture HERE. RESPECT is the keyword.
p/s: Still got problems? Don't use & apply the law of "Don't talk with strangers" in Malaysia.


  1. bagus na belog cik ekhmal ni..
    siap ade travel guide lagik tuh.

  2. hehe pasni kalau missaverage ada tgk banner International Edition tu maknenye post tu dlm English la..
    btw thanks :)

  3. oops.. sorry.
    i think u have to comment in english. teehee..

  4. missaverage: xpe..kt org msia,len la miss from oversea..hahaha..:P

  5. oke.
    i am malaysia and proud to be malaysian.
    amiklah award tu. sebagai kenangan.



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